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Is it necessary to clean solar panels? If yes, when and how you should do it? Once you’ve installed a solar panel, it doesn’t mean that your task is finished. When you own a car, you take it for servicing and maintenance. As all of you know a well-oiled and serviced car runs better, similarly...


Are you familiar with the fact that – In 1 second, our sun produces enough energy to meet the current needs of the entire earth for 500,000 years!    That means the power generated in only 1 minute by the sun can cover the world’s energy needs for one year! And the fact is that...


Introduction You are thinking of installing a PV system and finding yourself dragged down by some doubts, or seek clarity on several factors related to solar energy? – worry no more! We have collected some PV queries for you and tried to resolve them with precise information. Find answers to frequently asked solar questions here...


Introduction: Solar energy is probably one of the most talked & written about topic of the twenty-first century. You must have heard about how advantageous solar energy is, how it helps you save money and many such impressive reports. But what those advantages are? Are there any solar energy benefits for the environment? Let’s find out everything...


Introduction: Renewable energy is a hot topic today, and why not? The amount of solar adoption in Australia and all over the world has exponentially grown over the last decade. As of December 2019, some countries have met their renewable energy targets way ahead of schedule. In Australia, 2 million households are now solar equipped. This clean...

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