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If you’re looking to install a solar PV system for your home or business, you’ve come to the right place.

Renewable Energy Solutions
Reduces Electricity Bills
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Vista Electrical Controls prides itself on being your trusted source for solar panels and renewable solar energy solutions in Perth. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in solar energy, we’re committed to providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions for a greener future. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or part of a community project, we have the right solar panels and systems to meet your energy needs.

Solar energy saves you money, gives you more energy independence, and helps shape a brighter future for our country. Join the solar revolution and harness the power of the sun with Vista Electrical Controls.

Residential Solar

At Vista Electrical Controls we understand each household has different energy requirements. We work with you to design, select and install the best renewable energy solution for your household. We offer the best brands for inverters and solar panels in the industry. We are CEC Accredited Western Australian best solar panel installers Perth and one of the best solar companies in Perth.

Commercial Solar

Most businesses operate in the daytime hours. We can design the right renewable energy solution for your business needs providing 80-100% self-consumption. We offer zero outlay rent-to-own solar systems offsetting the cost of utility bills, the best solar panel installation Perth services.

Electrical Services

We offer a range of electrical services Industrial, Commercial and Residential sectors in Perth.

Electrical Services

Looking for Best Solar Panel Installers Perth?

We offer expert Industrial Electrical Services along with Process Control, Instrumentation, Communication networks. From conventional machines to state of the art modern automated plants, we will be there to assist you.

We provide reliability-centered maintenance services.

Commercial Solar

We offer WA Licensed Electricians which are highly professional and experienced in commercial electrical installation, breakdown and repairs in Perth. Thinking about going energy efficient? Give us a call and we will assess you energy efficiency and ways to improve it.

The cost of LED lighting has reduced significantly and its cheaper to install a LED highbay light than traditional MV or MH lights.

Residential Solar

We provide all sort of Residential electrical services in Perth from new home wiring to emergency breakdown.

Our communications technician are highly trained with in-depth knowledge of Telstra and NBN networks.

Electricians alone are not authorized electrical contractors and not licensed to contract to general public.

WHAT WE OFFERHow Solar Works

Solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity.
The inverter converts solar DC power into 240V alternating current (AC) suitable for your households appliances.
Your home uses eletricity firstly from solar panels with additional demand supplied from grid.
Meter measures your eletricity production and consumption organically innovation.
Any excess power is fed into electricity grid.
Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination, going forward.

Why Choose Vista Electrical Controls? 

Vista Electrical Controls has been installing solar panels and providing maintenance services across Perth with a team with over 15 years of combined industry experience. When making the switch, we understand that solar naturally comes with complexity and consideration. 

Our expert team is here to help you understand everything you need to know. We offer advice on which solar panel systems will best suit your needs, how to save money on your power bills, the latest government rebates, how to maximise the excess solar energy you produce, and which solar panel brands to consider (and which to avoid). 

For added peace of mind, we are WA Licensed Electrical Contractor EC13384, and our in-house solar specialists are Clean Energy Council Accredited designers and installers.

Solar Panel Installation Perth 

Perth may be the best city in the world to install a solar system. Across Western Australia, we enjoy more sunshine hours than the rest of the country, and even in winter, Perth temperatures rarely drop below 5 degrees. 

So, not only will your solar panels get plenty of sunlight—but our consistent temperatures will help your system’s output perform at its best. 

Our solar panel installers do their best to make the process easy and convenient. We take care of all the necessary approvals to connect your solar system to the grid—and all of our solar systems are backed up with world-class technical support. 

In the rare case, anything goes wrong, whether with your solar panels, solar battery, mounting system,, we’re just a phone call away—ready to remedy the issue.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Perth?

Long-term cost savings are usually the top priority for solar power systems. 

The upfront costs and payback periods vary depending on your electricity needs and the size of your system. But, when you work with Vista, we’re proud to offer $0 upfront fees with low-cost finance options. 

Our goal at Vista Electrical Controls is to ensure every system installed by us makes the most of the sunlight to minimise your energy bills. Our finance team will evaluate multiple design options to ensure the system works to deliver the best return on investment possible for all our Perth customers.

Why Use Solar Panels? 

Solar panels are the easiest way to energy independence—freeing you from the ties of an expensive electricity retailer while saving money on your electricity bills. 

You can also take advantage of Government rebates. In some cases, these are an incentive given to solar power installers, who pass the lower installation costs on to the homeowner. And, if your solar power system produces more energy than you use, you can feed the excess power back to the grid for a rebate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the solar rebate in WA?

Solar rebates vary in Western Australia. Household customers can receive three types of benefits from installing a renewable energy system: 

  1. Cheaper energy bills because you primarily use your solar power system. 2. An upfront discount on the price of your solar array (or a discount on the solar panel installation). 
  2. Government rebates from your feed-in tariff, and you get paid for any excess electricity you produce and feed back into the grid. 

For the latest information regarding solar rebates, including the distributed energy buyback scheme, the Western Australia government website is the most accurate source of truth.

Do solar panels increase your home’s value?

We have good news for you if you’re looking at solar panels to increase your property value. Research shows that homes with solar panels maintain a higher value than similar homes in the same market without solar panels. 

Recent figures suggest for every kilowatt of solar energy produced, your solar panel installation can increase the value of your home by $6000. So, if you install a 5kw installation, your house value could rise by over $29,000 (based on these figures).

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels should remain productive for 25-30 years before their performance drops below manufacturer projections. 

When working out the upfront costs, we recommend you understand your solar panels’ expected performance and lifespan. The best solar panels are designed to offset your energy for decades. However, we suggest you understand degradation rates to give you a better idea of overall lifetime costs.

How many solar panels are needed to run a house?

The number of solar panels needed to run a home varies—by the size of the house, how much electricity you use, and how much roof space is available. 

Vista Electrical Controls offers a range of residential solar arrays, from 3.9Kw to 13.2Kw systems. Many customers in Perth opt for a 6.6Kw array, which equates to roughly 16-20 high-quality solar panels from a reputable manufacturer.

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Best Solar Panel Installers PerthVista Electrical Controls Pty Ltd is a WA 's Leading Solar installation company offering wide range of residential & commercial solar systems. Discover the latest Branded Quality Solar Panels Perth, WA. Get Superior Quality, trusted service, around the clock customer support and Quality Solar Installation.

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Vista Electrical Controls are WA Licensed Electrical Contractor EC13384 in Perth. We hold Clean Energy Council Accreditation for Design and Installer of Grid Connected Solar Systems A3591619.

Vista EC provides a manufacturer-approved warranty for almost all major inverter & solar panel brands. So that you don’t have to worry about any future issue related to repair. Just contact us, we will give you top-class maintenance service without any expenses that come under warranty.

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    Advantages of Solar Panels in Perth

    When it comes to investing in solar panels, Perth residents enjoy numerous benefits that go beyond helping the environment. You’ll also save plenty of money on energy bills and gain independence from the main grid.

    Environmental benefits

    Solar systems in Perth generate clean and renewable energy, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and also limiting air pollution. By installing Perth solar panels, you actively contribute to preserving Perth’s natural beauty and improving air quality for everyone. Reducing CO2 emissions is a hot topic in Australia, and you can be part of the solution.

    Financial savings

    If you’re tired of rising electricity costs, solar panels offer significant financial savings well after your system pays for itself. By powering your home with solar systems in Perth, you can reduce or even eliminate your energy bills. Why keep making profits for electricity retailers when you could spend your hard-earned money elsewhere.

    Energy independence

    Solar panels provide you with a reliable and independent source of energy. By producing your own electricity, you’re no longer at the mercy of power outages in the national grid. You can also avoid fluctuations in energy prices, ensuring a stable and reliable energy supply for your home or business. 

    Perth’s Solar Energy

    If you live in Perth, you already know that we’re blessed with an abundance of sunshine. In fact, the Bureau of Meteorology reports that Perth is Australia’s sunniest city.  Combined with Western Australia’s commitment to renewable energy, it’s the perfect place to benefit from free solar energy.

    Perth enjoys an average of 8.8 hours of sunlight per day, making it an ideal location for solar energy generation. The city’s clear skies and high solar irradiance make it perfect for harnessing the sun’s rays and turning them into free, usable energy to power your home or business with Perth solar panels.

    In addition, there are several initiatives on offer through government sources and other organisations to encourage the uptake of solar panels in Perth. From financial incentives and feed-in tariffs to educational programs, Perth is serious about a greener future.

    Selecting the Right Solar Panels in Perth

    Even in a sun-drenched town like ours, if you want to maximise the benefits of your Perth solar panels, it’s important to choose the right products. When selecting solar panels, factors such as efficiency, durability, and warranty should be taken into account. Our expert team at your local solar company in Perth, Vista Electrical Controls, will help you make the right decision for your needs. With expert energy consumption analysis, we determine the best Perth solar system for you, ensuring you always have the power you need.

    You should also consider the efficiency of solar panels to ensure you get the maximum value for money. Not all solar panels in Perth are created equal, and our team promises high-quality, efficient panels every time. We partner with the best brands to ensure you get durable, long-lasting, and reliable solar panels that keep powering your home for many years to come.

    Solar Panel Sizing and System Design

    Our team of experts has the skills and knowledge to design the perfect solar system in Perth. Based on your individual needs, here’s how we do it.

    Determining your energy needs

    By assessing your energy consumption patterns and historical energy usage, we help you determine the right system size to meet your needs. Understanding how and when you use electricity is the first step in Perth solar system design.

    Calculating the appropriate system size

    Everybody has a budget for Perth solar panels, and we understand that. Using expert knowledge and analysis, we determine the right system size for your home or business. Our goal is to ensure you always have the power you need and can also access the benefits of feed-in tariffs through your energy provider.

    Optimising panel placement and orientation

    The positioning and orientation of solar panels in Perth can greatly impact the amount of solar energy you generate. Our experienced professionals plan and install your panels in the optimum way to ensure you generate as much free solar energy as possible.

    Perth Solar Panels – Maintenance & Monitoring

    Maintenance and Care for Perth Solar Panels

    When you buy the best solar panels Perth has to offer, you want to make sure they last. Vista Electrical Controls is a trusted solar company in Perth, and as such, only deals in the most durable and reliable brands, but you can get even more from solar power in Perth by looking after your equipment.
    Regular cleaning of solar panels is crucial for removing debris and dirt that can affect energy production. In addition to cleaning, annual maintenance tasks such as checking electrical connections and monitoring system performance are vital.
    Our professional team can help with regular maintenance and cleaning to further enhance the benefits of your Perth solar panels.

    Maximising Solar Energy Generation

    If you want to get more bang for your buck when it comes to your Perth solar system, we can make it happen. Firstly, we offer the use of smart energy management systems to monitor usage and optimise your energy consumption. Not only do these systems show you how and when to use solar power in Perth to your advantage, but they also help to reduce solar energy waste and allow you to benefit more from feed-in tariffs and time-of-use energy charges.
    Also, if you want even more independence from the main grid and your electricity retailer, ask us about solar battery storage solutions. With a solar battery incorporated into your Perth solar system, you can store excess energy for use even when the sun goes down.

    Perth Solar Panel Lifespan and Warranty

    At Vista Electrical Controls, we understand that every solar panel in Perth represents savings for your home and business. That’s why we partner with the best brands to ensure maximum longevity and durability. However, should something go wrong, most solar panels are backed by a 25-year warranty for your peace of mind.
    Most solar panels in Perth are expected to last around 25-30 years. Most people generate enough energy savings that their system typically pays for itself in under 5 years. This means you still have decades to benefit financially from your solar system. Our product warranties ensure your solar panels pay for themselves over and over again.

    Monitoring Solar Panel Performance

    Monitoring the performance of your solar system in Perth allows you to track energy consumption, solar panel performance, and much more. Our advanced monitoring systems provide an easy snapshot of real-time energy production, historical performance, and even alert you to potential performance issues.
    If you ever need assistance with interpreting solar panel performance data, our experts are on hand to help. Whether you notice your Perth solar panels aren’t generating as much energy as usual, or you just want to monitor and use your solar more effectively, the Vista Electrical Controls team is here to help.

    Financial Considerations and Return on Investment

    Want to know how solar energy puts money back in your pocket? Here are just a few things to consider when investing in solar panels in Perth.

    Cost of installation

    Carefully consider the cost of purchasing your solar system in Perth, including any installation charges. We give you a clear, transparent quote so there are no hidden fees.

    Solar energy incentives

    Ask our team about current government incentives to reduce the upfront cost of solar systems in Perth. We’ll be happy to help, and you could save plenty.

    Estimating the payback period

    Ongoing monthly savings on your energy bill add up quickly. In fact, in under 5 years most solar panels in Perth have already paid for themselves. Our team uses advanced software to help determine your payback period, so you can see just how much you’ll save with solar energy in Perth.

    Solar Panels Perth – Usage, Home Value & Environmental Impact

    Solar Panels and Home Value

    In addition to environmental and financial benefits, solar panels can enhance the value of your property. If you ever decide to sell your home, every solar panel in Perth can enhance your sale price. Buyers understand the long-term energy savings and environmental sustainability offered by solar-powered homes.

    When it comes time to sell your home, our team can assist by providing a range of documents and data to highlight the energy savings that are possible. Through your energy monitoring system, you can show buyers just how much money they can save from the solar panels you’ve installed. The benefits practically sell themselves.

    Environmental Impact of Solar Panels

    If you want to play your part in protecting our environment, solar power in Perth is a great place to start. By making the switch to solar energy, you significantly reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. This, in turn, lowers carbon dioxide emissions and helps protect our ozone layer. In short, switching to solar energy is much better for the environment and allows you to be part of the clean, green revolution.

    Importantly, the process of producing solar panels continues to improve, with increased emphasis on sustainable manufacturing practices and recycling initiatives, further reducing their environmental impact.

    Commercial Solar Panels in Perth

    If you run a business, you know the importance of reducing operating costs. That’s exactly what you can do with an investment in Perth solar panels. Vista Electrical Controls offers tailored solar solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you operate a small cafe or a large-scale industrial facility, we have the expertise to design and install a commercial solar system in Perth that suits your budget and sustainability goals.

    Not only do commercial solar systems in Perth save you money, but they also help to promote your business with a clean, green image. In the environmentally focussed modern world, consumers love supporting companies who are making positive steps towards sustainability.

    Solar Panels for Community and Public Use

    Solar initiatives for community projects and public installations are becoming increasingly popular in Perth. Everywhere from schools and community centres to recreational facilities can greatly benefit from solar panel installations. Not only are they cost-effective, but they serve as renewable energy education sources, promoting a brighter future for coming generations.

    In addition, the prevalence of solar-powered street lights, traffic lights, and even electric vehicle charging stations is on the rise. As your preferred solar company in Perth, Vista Electrical Controls supports community initiatives by providing the best solar panels in Perth, ensuring everybody can benefit from the clean, green revolution that’s taking place right now.


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