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Living the solar era

Looking at the surrounding, one might believe that it is indeed a solar era. Solar panels keep appearing across every other block or shop or a building and so on. You may find yourself considering solar for your house/property, and there’s no reason to hold back! Solar systems are a practical choice today.

If you are thinking of going solar, you might use some pre-knowledge. Here in this solar guide, you’ll find details to heed while finding the best solar installers, Perth, and solar installation deals.

Getting into the depth of details

As a solar prospect, your head must be pounding with several questions like: which solar panels would be the best, what will be the size of the system, will it be very costly, and how warranties will function, so on and so forth. It keeps getting longer. To make it simple for you, we have curated Dos while choosing a solar company.

Areas to focus on while finding the best solar installers, Perth


A portfolio is the face of any business. It allows you to fetch further information with regards to their processes, quality, and style of working. Your installer’s portfolio will be a reflection of their past work, small/large installations, and the amount of work done. It will be a handy projection to understand how things will proceed after the finalization of the contract.

Knowledge sharing on brands they promote and why

This pointer serves as a testing tool for the solar installation company you are dealing with. The installer should be in the position to generously extending information on the equipment used to design your system. Furthermore, a qualified solar installer knows its trade and would be able to distinguish different brands based on their efficiency, power output range, price, durability, to name a few.

Regarding solar panels, polycrystalline and Monocrystalline are widely preferred. String inverters are most common for home solar. Check out what your solar company is offering and the reason behind it. Top-rated solar installers would have answers ready.

Gathering information on solar equipment warranty

Warranty details are crucial. One must consider it as one of the prime points of discussion while locking a solar installer. While, solar panels and inverter come with a prefixed manufacturing warranty, finding out about the same puts you in a knowledgeable customers’ bracket. The warranty period generally varies from one manufacturer to another. However, it’s typically 5 to 10 years for inverters and 15 to 25 years for the panels. Moreover, there’s a workmanship warranty that shields you from faulty installation practices.

A qualified solar installer Perth could hand out all the information and even the ways to claim them. Some solar companies do assist their customers in availing these warranties.

Availability of financing options

Financing options are a bonus if your installer happens to have flexible funding alternatives. It spares you from making large payments upfront. Some solar panel installers in Perth are offering $0 upfront with reasonable fortnightly payment options.

If you should, you must explore it with your solar company.

How do they abide by their commitment to quality?

Quality assurance is something you cannot afford to neglect. All solar companies claim to have the best services and highest quality solutions. You as an aware customer should look into their licenses and accreditations. A legit solar installer would have clean energy council accreditation and necessary permits. The installation team would be trained, and CEC approved. Evermore, they must be adhering to home solar best practices and commercial solar installation dos and don’ts to validate their authenticity.

Additionally, they would be in a position to present you with their ongoing/finished projects. They will be obliged to convey their timelines and other vital data to prove their commitment to quality.

Testimonials from existing users

Client Feedback – Anything but insignificant. Especially in today’s world, where user reviews are a deciding factor before purchasing anything – solar is no different. Your installer can provide you with the same, or you can find out on the forums online. You can even refer to their Google my business page for some insights. A genuine installer would share this information with you through their website, social media channels, or any other medium.

If solar installers can’t familiarize you with customer reviews or don’t have any data handy, you can take your time to learn about those and make an informed decision.

Do they offer customer service after installation?

Post-service customer support is equal parts necessary and compulsory. You might face any issue after solar installation, and there has to be some provision for you to get help. Best solar installers in Perth often have a dedicated customer service department to cater to the queries from customers.

No matter the problem, a proactive and responsive customer service team builds a reputation for a company. Look for an installer who places equal importance on assisting their customer even after the installation.

To recapitulate

We are sure this data would help you choose better. Vista Electrical Controls is a renowned solar company in Perth, having extensive experience in the solar industry. We follow a full life cycle of the solar installation process built in-house. It involves gathering and understanding customers’ needs and subsequently providing a perfect blend of expectations and suggestions as a solution. Our customers are happy with our service, and that boosts our confidence to excel and deliver value.

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