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Renewable energy is a hot topic today, and why not? The amount of solar adoption in Australia and all over the world has exponentially grown over the last decade. As of December 2019, some countries have met their renewable energy targets way ahead of schedule.

In Australia, 2 million households are now solar equipped.

This clean energy source is contributing largely to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and improving climate change effects. You harvest countless benefits going solar. However, some solar power myths are surrounding it.

In this blog, let’s address those myths that may be doing rounds in the back of your mind. This post will help you separate reality from them.

Common myths

Myth #1: Solar systems are costly.

Reality: Actually, solar panels are quite affordable and save household money in the long run. The production and installation cost of solar systems has seen a drastic fall for several years and are continuing to drop further.

As Solar Quotes states: mounting a solar system on the roof with all equipment to create usable electricity asks for an investment starting from 3700$ for the smallest capacity/size.

Credit wise, there are government rebates and incentives to encourage solar usage in Australia (depending on what part of Australia you live).

Myth #2: There’s not much sunlight in my area; so it’s not worth it.

Reality: Cloudy days do support solar power generation. Panels need light to produce electricity. Even on cloudy days, the sun’s rays still penetrate the clouds. The essential thing to generate power is free & touching the earth no matter what! Australia receives the highest radiation than any continent.

Solar panels work in any weather – cloudy, sunny, rainy or cold. Cloudy days do generate less energy as compared to sunny days. However, an efficient solar system can produce enough electricity to power your house.

The solar installer can familiarize you with other technical details such as the accurate angle to install the panels after examining the property surrounding and situations.

Myth #3: Solar panels will damage the roof.

Reality: Some house owners do fear about the possible damage panels could cause. Roof damage due to solar panel installation is quite rare.

Generally, solar service provider companies inspect roofs before heading with the actual work. An engineering and structural review will confirm whether a roof can withstand the system. Some companies provide a warranty – typically ranging from 5 to 25 years to protect you from any occurrence of damage from their installation work.

One thing to note here is, as long as you are working with a qualified solar panel installer, you don’t have to worry about the roof damage. In today’s date, roof damage is a result of installing panels on the roof in a poor condition or poor installation itself.

However, a licensed and qualified solar installer like Vista Electrical Controls does their job rightly to avoid such instances.

Myth #4: No money saving involved with solar

Reality: Solar systems surely bring great potential to save money on monthly electricity /energy needs. It depends on several factors such as the size of your system, your electricity needs, and how much your PV system can generate the electricity.

Solar loan monthly amount is usually less than the average utility bill. With utility bills consistently going higher, especially in Australia – solar systems are likely to stay a valid money-saving option for years ahead.

Myth #5: Solar systems require huge maintenance

Reality: A section of people do believe that solar panels need constant cleaning to produce electricity regularly. This activity is regarded as time-consuming as well as costly. But, the solar energy fact is – it requires a little maintenance over the year.

It depends on your location too; if your locality is dusty; you may have to clean panels once in two or three months. If it’s not; then you are good for up to 6 months.

Some solar providers allow annual inspections as well. So this problem is already solved. Additionally, the costs involved in maintenance are quite low. You can always do your bit for reassurance. All you need is a sponge and gentle scrubbing with water to maintain them; products like Polywater make it further easier, although it’s not highly necessary.

Making the transition:

If these myths about solar panels are keeping you from taking the green step; now you have the real picture in front of you.

The real estate market is embracing solar sighting its necessity and advantages both financially and environmentally. A solar system refinances your house. Today, solar equipped home is mostly on all prospect buyers’ mind. It’s a win-win situation either way!

Vista electrical controls can help you determine the right solar system for your home and give genuine recommendations by understanding your needs and preferences.

Contact us today for further information.

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