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Solar energy is probably one of the most talked & written about topic of the twenty-first century. You must have heard about how advantageous solar energy is, how it helps you save money and many such impressive reports.

But what those advantages are? Are there any solar energy benefits for the environment? Let’s find out everything in this blog. We have listed down all the great rewards a solar system brings. But before that, let’s understand what the scenario of the solar industry in Australia is.

Solar industry in Australia:

The solar industry in Australia is significantly increasing since 2015. As of today, there are 2 million houses in Australia are solar equipped. As residential solar panel installation has surged, the commercial sector is witnessing impressive growth too.

As states – as of June 2019, Australia has 12,959 MW of installed photovoltaic capacity and is among the top ten countries based on the size of solar installed.

With massive solar plants in operation, Australia is about to reach a record solar capacity in the near future.

So, the solar industry in Australia is thriving, and it will continue to do so.

An Infographic image of solar energy benefits
The Infographic image showcases the top advantages of installing a solar panel for homes & businesses.

Benefits of installing solar panels:

Following are the advantages of a solar system.


Solar energy is entirely carbon-free. It does not emit any harmful gases in the atmosphere, making it one of the cleanest sources of energy. With solar power installation for your house or business – you step towards sustainability. An average solar unit can limit the carbon emission by two to three tons per year.

Government incentives:

Australia’s government is encouraging solar panel installation by introducing several solar rebate schemes. Many homeowners and businesses have benefitted from these schemes. Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme abbreviated as SRES is for households and small business of Australia.

You can check the eligibility and find more about this incentive on the above link.

It’s cost-effective:

Investing an upfront large sum for solar power systems was restraining homeowners and businesses from opting for solar. However, since the past few years, solar system prices have remarkably decreased. Today, a PV system has become synonymous to modular home design.

Also, an average solar system pays for itself within 4-5 years, meaning you start producing electricity for free. Government’s incentives are another great way to cut down the purchase costs of solar technology.

It’s rewarding:

It finances your house/commercial building. Electricity prices are continually rising. With a solar system, you do not have to worry about surging prices of utility. You start saving on electricity bills significantly. Even if you think of selling your property, a working solar system adds to your property value!

Electricity prices are not going to come down, and if you have equipped your house with solar, then this is a profitable decision. Solar power systems are affordable, most worthwhile ways of powering your home/business.

Abundant, renewable power source:

The sun is a renewable source of energy and is free.  Australia receives more radiation per square meter than the world’s any other continent. It helps Australian people to build eco-friendly homes and businesses and fight rising utility charges.

Contributing to Australia’s RET (Renewable Energy Target):

Australia is set to meet Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target of 33,000 GWh of renewable energy in 2020. Meaning, installing solar power directly helps the nation to reach this target. The solar transition is on full swing in Australia as more and more households and businesses are turning to solar for their energy needs.

Less maintenance:

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. A solar system has no moving parts, and the entire process is noise-free. The panels come with an average of 15 years of warranty and require little or no maintenance at all.

These are the primary advantages of solar energy signifying that going solar is a smart move in 2020.

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