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At the present time, you could see solar panels everywhere From Perth roofs to the USA. There’re a number of factors affecting solar energy generation, where’s the best spot for solar Panel installation?

Our solar experts at Vista Electrical Controls are going to share the most important factors affecting solar installation and the best possible spots in today’s article:

Solar Irradiance:

Photovoltaic panels generate power from the sunlight, therefore the higher the solar irradiance level, the higher the light comes through. Such locations with higher solar irradiance are found near the equator, forming latitude as well as elevation needed.

For example: 

  1. Best Spot for Solar: Atacama Desert:

Northern Chile has the highest solar irradiance level in the world, exactly where the Atacama Desert is located. This location has dry air with very few clouds moving above it and even though the Atacama is a desert; its peak temperature is 24.40C.

atacama desert

Image of Solar Panels in the Atacama Desert


Since deserts are the best spots for producing solar energy, they’re mostly far from heavily dense townships or cities.

Weather Conditions:

As mentioned earlier, spots with higher solar irradiance are good, but still, some factors near the ground can hinder the supply of light from the sun. Other factors like cloud coverage, rainfall, and/or aerosol present in the atmosphere can decrease the amount of solar radiation reaching out to the solar panels. Also, high temperatures can reduce the efficiency of the equipment.

  1. Best Spot for Solar: High Orbit:

See, if the majority of the factors affecting PV panels are near the ground then why not go above? If a solar array is in a high enough orbit, it could receive sunlight for the whole 24hrs almost. Also, there won’t be any particles or clouds getting in the way, i.e. the solar radiation it gets could be up to 33% higher.

spacecraft solar panels

Image of Solar Panels on Spacecraft


Despite the fact that there are enough stations and satellites to supply energy in space and it’s far away from highly energy-demanding cities. The cost of engineering space solar panels, transporting them into the space, and managing them is quite huge.


Although it’s necessary to reside in a flat area having no shade, a low disaster-prone area, and long days, likewise it’s equally important to be near your community. Present-day solar battery technology is still under development; solar panel energy is effective when it’s utilized by a dense population.

  1. Best Spot for Solar: Inner-City Roads:

As the most advanced technology isn’t quite there a solar bike path- SolaRoad – in the Netherlands can produce just around 9,800 kWh per year, but the idea is extremely valuable. Incorporating solar power systems into long roads and pathways i.e. the energy produced could be used by the city immediately.

best spot for solar

Image is of Solar road installed in Netherland


Aside from its closeness to the power consumers, nearly everything else is a pitfall i.e. from shade to the vulnerability of damage.

Final Thoughts:

With reference to residential solar systems, Australia has it all-

  • Higher solar irradiance,
  • Long sunny days, and
  • Convenient rain so as to keep photovoltaic panels clean.

Australia has the highest solar radiation per square meter of any continent and as a result of is the best solar power resource in the world.

When observing a solar radiation map of the world, it’s not very difficult to come to know that Australia is amongst the most well-suited places in the world for solar energy. In addition to the parts of Africa, a thick line across Queensland, and the Northern Territory, and the top of Western Australia possesses the highest level of solar radiation in the world.


Image of Australian Solar PV Installation

Are you planning to start producing your own solar power? Get in touch with our solar panel installers Perth team to set up a free quote today. Don’t waste your time and Get solar smart soon and install solar power system Perth home and reap the benefits this great country has to offer in solar power potential.

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