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Renewable Energy: Is It Creating Or Destroying Jobs?

 Is the most sought-after debate among Australians.

One more important question is – Is the solar power system as beneficial as people say it is? Or is it creating more harm than good? Here we could just figure out facts and statistics about solar energy.

So, let’s find out whether renewable energy is creating or destroying jobs?

Let’s first analyze how many jobs have been lost in Australia due to renewable energy?

Every now and then we see people speaking about raising awareness of our current global climate crisis. The majority of important people use their social media platforms to inform people about climate change.

In recent times, we’ve seen more and more young and old people are adopting strategies to minimize the carbon footprint in Australia. Also, thanks to the Australian government for giving incentives to “Go Green”, and the prices of solar panels have decreased to a record low.

It has helped in reducing the use of coal and oils by approx. 18%.

So, when you hear that many jobs have been lost due to solar energy, is it really true? If yes, whom should we blame?

It might be easy to blame the growth of solar energy. But the number of labor has reduced across different industries coal and oil mining industries aren’t omitted. This is because of the adoption of advanced technologies which has stolen numerous jobs across the world.

Let’s find out how many jobs have been created due to renewable energy in Australia?

It was certain that solar energy was going to shoot off in Australia!! As you all know that Australia is a sunburnt country. Therefore millions of Australians adopted this environment-friendly way for generating energy. Also, solar energy gives an opportunity to zero our electricity bills!!

Another study shows that renewable energy adoption is a job creator!        

Here’s Frank Ackerman, a former Tufts professor who’s now the principal economist at Synapse Energy Economics narrative for how the jobs picture evolves over the next 35 years:

  • Starting at once, hundreds of thousands of jobs are created by expanded energy efficiency programs.
  • The second wave of new employment arises in the 2020s, as renewable energy programs take off.
  • Next, after about 2030, employment expands in the auto industry, as the production of electric vehicles becomes essential to the later stages of the scenario.
  • Finally, in the 2040s, jobs are created by net energy savings, which are spent on other purchases.

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Just recently, studies have shown that solar energy jobs have increased by 9% and are expected to grow in 2021 and renewable energy is creating over 8 million jobs around the world. The climate change plan for Australia by the Australian government, for nationally becoming 50% renewable can be seen as feasible every day.

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