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As the global population grows, so are the energy needs. Utilizing natural sources of power is more of a necessity than a choice. To wean us off fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy such as oil, coal – what are the alternative power sources?

To understand, glance at the following chart. It lists all the types of renewable energy sources that we have and being used heavily.

Types of Renewable energy Advantage Reliability
Water Hydropower – Electricity created from the movement of large volumes of water  

Good reliability (industrial use)



Wind Used to create electricity, water pumping, push yatch through the water etc Good reliability (mainly industrial use)
Geothermal Using heat form  earth’s core to create stream and then electricity Good reliability
Biomass energy/Bio-energy Used to generate heat & bio fuel. Biomass such as garbage, corn, wood can be used to create electricity Good reliability
Solar energy Used to harness sunlight to produce electricity. High reliability (for personal and industrial use)

Solar energy is the most dependable and useful alternative energy source for humans! Why?

We are going to understand it in this article. Let’s begin

What makes solar the best energy alternative:

#1 Availability: Solar electricity is the energy created by harnessing the sunlight. The Sun is the source of energy not only for humans but also for each living organism. When we think about the availability of solar– it’s available daily. For a billion more years the sun is going to be there. The amount of energy sun gives away on the earth every minute is more than sufficient to fulfill the energy needs of the entire planet.

Solar is a non-depleting, vast & renewable alternative energy supplier.

#2 Accessibility: There’s a lot of heat sun is laying on the earth right now – but how to access it? The answer is – Solar panel installation! In the 18th century, when it was first discovered that sun rays could be used to produce electricity with a semiconducting material – it shook the world. Today, the perfectly developed technology allows sunrays to be captured by the solar panels which have semiconducting silicon cells that convert heat into the electrical current; sends it down to the inverter to make it the AC alternative current to be utilized.

A solar system makes it possible to utilize the clean energy by accessing & transforming sunlight into electricity.

#3 Sustainability: Solar power is the unlimited, most clean source of power. Every manufacturing process utilizes some amount of water for processing. However, solar technology evidently isn’t responsible for any water body pollution.

Solar power systems are not restricted to industrial or personal usage alone. It can be, and it is being employed by many industries, businesses and residential properties around the world to generate clean energy.

Electricity generation from a solar panel system is a noise and air pollution free process. It does not emit any harmful gases in the atmosphere, allowing the air to remain clean. For only a residential property it reduced CO2 emission by tonnes; you can imagine for industry how huge the numbers would be.

Solar power is truly sustainable and with technological advancements; the future of alternate energy looks bright.

#4  Reliability: What makes solar systems reliable? There are many aspects of this technology that make solar panel systems highly reliable.The solar panels that absorb sun rays to produce electricity come with a manufacturing warranty of an average 15-20 years. They demand less or no maintenance. With a little periodic care, they may work just fine for 20-25 years. A solar system is cost-effective, allows capital savings on utility bills, and environmental conservation.

The new age panels have categories such as Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline panels. They offer different efficiency rates and output ranges. A well planned solar system produces required or excess power for a household.

A solar system generally pays for itself in 4 to 5 years. The Australian government has solar rebates to boost the solar panel installation in the country.

Solar is the most reliable and the best alternative power source for mankind.

#5 Flexibility: Solar solutions come with a variety of installation types. Grid-connected solar systems utilize the energy produced in the daylight hours. Mostly an efficient solar system generates more power than that of the need. Under the net metering mechanism, the excess power is sold back to the utility company. It allows businesses and homeowners to save hundreds of dollars on utility bills because the consumer only pays the net electricity usage –i.e. the difference between the energy produced and the overall energy consumed.

Solar batteries are an advanced technology to become fully energy independent. It allows one to be producing the energy and storing it in solar batteries to utilize during night times and no-sunny days.

Solar panel installation offers the flexibility of selecting the type of system that best suits you.

#6 Financial stability: There are several alternative sources of energy to produce electricity, but solar power is by far the most reliable and financially advantageous renewable energy source. In 2020 it’s a plain smart move to go solar. With excellent government schemes and solar providers like Vista Electrical Controls, you bring the change that is beneficial and sustainable.

A well planned solar system for a commercial building will not just power up the business operations but also provide impressive savings.

It improves property value automatically. For a house which is solar equipped, we don’t see any reason why it won’t be on the buyers’ mind. With all the solar benefits; it’s a given.

Solar boosts you up financially.

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Compared with other renewable power sources, solar energy is the most convenient, cost-effective and dependable alternative source of energy. It’s employed by houses in the form of rooftop solar systems or ground solar systems. Solar parks, farms, plants are being developed to produce clean energy.

It emerges as a winner over wind, hydropower, geothermal and bio-energy as solar power does not contain environmental pollutants.

By any measure, 2019 was a remarkable year for the Australian renewable energy industry – Source: Clean Energy Council

Australia is among the top ten countries in the world when it comes to installed solar size. We at Vista Electrical Controls are helping to increase the country’s solar capacity by providing excellent solar energy solutions.

Go Green – Go Solar.

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