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Vista Electrical Solutions team of solar experts has put together the following list of premium quality and highly affordable solar panels that are available in Australia.

All the following best solar panels offer high quality, better efficiency, and improved reliability. All the below panels have out-performed and outlasted the majority of cheap PV panels which are lesser-known and failed to fulfill the warranties and gone bankrupt or got eliminated from the CEC’s list of approved photovoltaic panels.

List of best solar panel manufacturers:

Refer to the below list of best and most affordable solar panel developers developed on the basis of their company history, the performance of the solar panels, quality, warranties, customer service, reviews from solar experts in the market.

Make Leading model Cell Type Max Efficiency Product Warranty Perf Warranty after 25yrs.
LG Neon R N-type IBC 22.0% 25 yrs. Min 90.8% output
Q-Cells QPeak DUO G9+ P-type Half-cut MBB 20.8% 25 yrs. Min 86% output

The following is the list of best priced solar panel developers in Australia, derived from the reviews of solar experts:

The well-known and oldest solar panel developers are – Trina, Jinko, and Canadian solar, and LONGI solar has become the world’s biggest Monocrystalline solar panel manufacturer in recent years.

Vista Electrical Controls offer all the following best solar panels at a reasonable price.

  1. LG
  2. Q Cells
  3. Trina Solar
  4. Jinko Solar
  5. Canadian Solar
  6. LONGI Solar


  1. LG: LG is the world’s no #1 solar manufacturers with an exclusive range of high-quality, best performing, and long-lasting solar panels. They offer a 25-year product warranty as well as a 25-year performance warranty on their Neon 2 and Neon R PV panels. Both of these panels use top-class and durable N-type silicon cells.

These photovoltaic panels are best-selling panels in Australia, the USA, and Europe and combine several best-in-class technologies. One of the LG Neon 2 PV panels is the one that used multi wire busbars along with high-performing N-type solar cells for the first time and these are highly preferred PV panels on the Australian market.

Their specifications include:

  • Power rating (W): 350W – 450W
  • Efficiency (%): High – 19.8% – 22.0%
  • Cell technology: Premium N-type
  • Price bracket: High $$$$
  • Most efficient panel: Neon R 380W
  • Product Warranty: Excellent – 25 years
  • Service and support: Very good 5/5
  • Overall: Highly recommended ☆☆☆☆☆
  1. Q Cells:

Q Cells i.e. Hanwha Q Cells is another renowned, high-performing, and prolific solar panel developer providing a broad range of high-quality PV panels. Their most recent Q cells G6+ Duo panels offer a 25-years product warranty and advanced long-lasting performance warranty with a rated output of around 85% following 25 years.

This manufacturer offers different types of solar panels from initial level traditional 60 cell PV panels made up of long-lasting Monocrystalline cells to highly energy-efficient half-cut mono PERC solar cells utilized in Q Peak Duo G5 and G6 versions and their most recent and advanced Q Peak DUO G8 and G9+ solar range features latest advancements containing zero-gap solar cells together with 12 microwire busbars.

Their specifications include:

  • Power rating (W):325W – 460W
  • Efficiency (%):8 – 20.8%
  • Price range: Med $$$

Energy efficiency and Endurance Testing:

Over the last few years, several progressions in solar panel technology have resulted in a massive reduction in prices of the solar cells. To offer an outstanding quality majority of leading individual testing organizations are helping in determining the long-lasting performance, energy efficiency, and durability. This is explained in the following section in order to help you in selecting a premium quality solar panel. Summary of top performers from PVEL 2020 – A main independent solar panel testing service.

  1. Trina Solar:

Trina Solar is amongst the world’s largest PV panel manufacturers in the world and delivering reasonable, high-performing solar panels. The renowned Trina Honey solar panel range is thought of as the best quality and excellent value for money, especially Honey M i.e. Monocrystalline solar panels are equipped with powerful half-cut 120 cell format suitable for 370W.

Trina solar delivers a different range of solar panels in Perth starting from reasonable Monocrystalline PERC panels to modern bifacial solar panels. Their latest range of Vertex and Vertex S panels offer high-performance and they’ve boosted the ranking of Trina Solar manufacturer as one of the highly developed solar panels.

Their specifications include:

  • Power rating (W):300W – 660W
  • Efficiency (%):17 – 21.1%
  • Price range: Low – Med $$
  1. Jinko Solar:

Jinko solar is China’s biggest solar panel manufacturer by number and manufactures a variety of affordable and highly efficient solar panels. The engineers at Jinko solar work in collaboration with the Australian UNSW solar research center for excellence and earned a number of high-performance records over the last few years by continual R and D in the latest photovoltaic cell technology.

Jinko Cheetah solar range is amongst the most in-demand, low-cost PV panels on the Australian Market with a great performance history of reliability, best customer support from local offices. Their latest Tiger and Tiger Pro solar panel ranges have pushed the limit of solar cell invention and technology.

Their specifications include:

  • Power rating (W): 280W – 585W
  • Efficiency (%): 17-20.7%
  • Price range: Low-Med $$$
  1. Canadian Solar:

Canadian Solar is the world’s fifth-largest solar panel developer and manufactures a broad range of affordable and high-quality solar panels. Their focus is to manufacture more affordable polycrystalline solar cells and produce high-performing solar panels derived from half-cut polycrystalline solar cell designs. Despite that, over the last few years, Canadian solar turned to manufacture more efficient mono-PERC solar cell-based solar panels such as – HiDM and HiKu ranges.

Solar installers prefer the latest Canadian Solar HiKu6 series of Monocrystalline split-cell solar panels due to their best quality, affordability, high durability, and good customer support from local offices.

Their specifications include:

  • Power rating (W): 295W – 590W
  • Efficiency (%): 18-21%
  • Price range: Low-Med $$$
  1. LONGI Solar:

Since the last few years, LONGi Solar has rapidly developed into one of the biggest solar panel manufacturers in China and also the biggest Monocrystalline solar cell manufacturer in the world. They produce different affordable and highly efficient solar panels made from only Monocrystalline solar cells. In reality, the massive shift of the solar industry towards highly efficient mono and mono PERC solar cells was because of the huge investment by LONGi in wide-ranging mono wafer manufacturing. Furthermore, LONGi has developed unique Gallium-doped silicon cells that have proven to enhance the lifetime of PV panels.

Their specifications include:

  • Power rating (W): 300W – 540W
  • Efficiency (%): 18-21%
  • Price range: Low-Med $$$


In summary, you should consider the following important points when buying PV panels besides the cost:

  1. Think about how the solar module has been manufactured and what material is used.
  2. Find out how the PV panels perform in real-world situations like – tolerance, temperature co-efficient rating, PID and LID resistance, and efficiency, etc.
  3. Check out the warranty details of the solar panels you are planning to buy.
  4. Study about the solar company that manufactures the solar modules.

Have you got any questions? Contact our team of solar experts for free, no-obligation advice on the best solar panels and full systems for your needs.

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