UncategorizedOff-grid solar systems: Is this a “new norm” for SMEs?


The increasing prices of electricity, decreasing cost of technology, and continued political incompetency are urging a growing number of Australian businesses to spend money on solar energy systems perth WA mainly off-grid solar systems including solar batteries.

According to the Clean Energy Regulator forecast, the commercial solar panel industry will grow four folds and can provide large-scale power stations having huge electricity production capacity.

But still, a question is how many businesses and enterprises are changed to off-grid completely? And whether it’s worth it?

As per a discussion at Smart energy Conference, Sydney- There’s no lack of small and medium businesses in Australia, that are seriously planning to go completely off-grid; since homeowners are already ready but what about businesses?

North Queensland located Linked Group Services in Mackay comes under that category.

However, different trade services companies which are focusing on developing sustainable energy solutions for mining, agriculture, and rails have taken a leap and are well in the process of transforming to the off-grid.

And as per a study, taking this decision is easy. One of the most important reasons is complete electricity independence and it’s not only from the point of view of prices or issues in network dependability but also from the infinite policy confusion hidden under it all.

The grid power is somewhat irregular in Mackay, therefore if you want to develop your own manufacturing unit, it’s important to power it with the help of tried and tested technology.

If your business has approx 80 to 100 employees then getting the right solution to take your business off-grid isn’t very difficult.

We Vista Electrical Controls.com.au are the best solar installers Perth  Licensed Electrical Contractor EC13384 in Perth, holding CEC Accreditation for Design and Installer of Grid Connected Solar Systems A3591619. We provide a manufacturer-approved warranty for all solar inverters and solar panel canning vale brands like Jinko Solar, LG, LONGi, Q-Cells, risen, Seraphim, and Trina. We offer the best solar inverters like – Alpha.ESS, Fronius, Solaredge, Victron energy, Huawei, Goodwe, Growatt, and Solis Inverter. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about any potential issues related to solar equipment repair. Just get in touch with us for solar panel deals in perth, our solar experts will provide you with best in the class maintenance service without any extra expenses.

The best solar batteries offered by Vista Electrical Controls are – BYD, LG, and Alpha.ESS. We specialize in battery storage solutions, rooftop solar panel installations, and commercial solar installations including remote sites.

Several Australian companies have chosen a combination of technologies, to make sure that they get reliable and affordable electricity supply to show others what’s possible and the different types of alternating solutions that could be used. Finished products are really worth noticing!

The smart solutions behind these are Fronius inverters and technology that’ll provide complete control of the system as well as record all of its data.

Following are some of the benefits of going off-grid:

  1. Simple ROI
  2. Minimum maintenance and operating costs.
  3. Complete energy independence

Most of the customers are paying a Levelized cost of electricity which is low and that’s the problem that the majority of small to medium customers are facing. But from a financial point of view, why wouldn’t you invest in off-grid solar systems? It could be your crucial marketing point. Through which you can prove to your customers that your products and services are reliable and of better quality than the grid-connected ones.

SMEs should look at it as an opportunity to transition to a renewable energy source and grow their business.


Vista Solar wants to help SMEs of every size so that they can have their own control over their energy usage as well as security. But before that, the companies need to identify their energy expenses with the grid. We’re trying to show that it’s not required to connect to the grid. The main reason behind connecting to the grid is to sell the extra energy to the utility grid.

We’re confident that more and more SMEs will take inspiration from companies like Linked Group and progress themselves. Thus going off-grid will become a new norm for SMEs!


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