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Our home planet is suffering from dangerous problems like climate change & global warming, and it is directly affecting the lives of all who call Earth their home. Unfortunately, it’s our actions which have resulted in this severe loss, and it has to be us to deal with this situation and restore the planet balance.

Renewable energy and climate change are directly linked with one another. While efforts are being put from across the globe to use green energy; it’s still not enough.

Today, we are going to see how renewable energy can act as a solution to climate change and why we should collectively make efforts to adopt, promote these green actions for our secure future on planet earth.

Renewable energy and the atmosphere

Let’s understand how solar, wind, water can surely reduce the load on fossil fuels, help us eliminating the pollution of any kind and ensure that the planet is free from such damaging losses.

  1. The undying source of energy

Plenty of plant matter, heat from the earth, strong winds, an abundance of solar power and fast-running water can each give tremendous and constantly replenished supply of energy. The studies have shown that renewable energy can provide a staggering amount of electricity to fulfil all power need of humans.

Currently, Australia’s total share of renewable energy is about 23.5% which is mesmerising and is going to increase in the coming years. With such rapid development, Australia’s more than half of the electricity could comfortably come from renewable sources by 2050.

  1. Improved public health:

Coal and natural gas plants cause severe air and water pollution that welcome health issues like breathing problems, neurological damage, heart attacks, premature deaths, cancer and many life-threatening diseases. A Harvard University study suggested that the life cycle costs of coal and public health effects are estimated $7.4billion every year. That’s equivalent to 4.36 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity generated.

Air and water pollution are at the core of most of these negative health impacts. Thankfully, clean energy technologies don’t pollute, and hence there are no health threats.

Wind, solar and hydroelectric systems produce electric power with no or very less associated air pollution emission. Biomass and geothermal systems do cause some air pollution; however, it’s far lower than the emissions from coal and natural gas-fired power plants.

Additionally, wind and solar energy demand no water to operate and thus do not contaminate water resources. On the contrary, fossil fuels have a profound impact on water bodies. Both coal mining and natural gas drilling can result in polluting sources of drinking water. Even all thermal power plants, including those powered by coal, gas and oil, withdraw and consume water for cooling.

  1. Controlled global warming:

Human actions have caused the emission of global warming gases like carbon dioxide and overloaded the atmosphere. These gases act like a blanket that traps heat. The result is the earth is ensnared in harmful disasters like stronger-frequent storms, weather pattern changes, drought, floods, sea-level rise and extinction.

Mostly around the globe, harmful global warming emissions come from the electricity sector. There are other major contributing factors to global warming, but gas emissions are one of them.

In contrast, Sustainable energy solutions produce little to no global warming emissions. Even if we consider the emissions through ‘life-cycle’ of clean energy i.e the emission from each stage of technology’s production: manufacturing, installation, operation, decommissioning – are negligible.

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Renewable energy and global efforts

Clean form of energy is the most effective tool we have, to combat climate change and there are many facts directly pointing that it will succeed. Australia has a remarkable development on its green energy target. Australia met the government’s 2020 large-scale renewable energy target ahead of schedule

Wind and solar sectors have witnessed significant growth and huge cost improvement since the past decade. Prices have been consistently declined and are becoming increasingly competitive with fossil fuels.

Germany is a major player in solar energy productions and produced a total of 38.2 GW out of 177 GW produced globally in 2014.

China’s commitment to renewable energy is astounding. The country has won the top spot in generating the most solar power in the world 130.4 GW.

The USA comfortably sits in the second position, as its renewable energy contribution is huge and rapidly increasing.

Australian solar industry has created thousands of jobs. The numbers are overwhelming. According to Green Energy Markets, jobs in January 2018 passed the 10,000 mark.

Victoria’s clean energy stride is estimated to create about 6,000 jobs every year.

Renewable energy is essentially helping in saving the planet and creating means for people to thrive.


Renewable energy is a full proof solution for climate change disasters that we are experiencing today. May industries are utilising wind and solar to generate electricity.

Each individual can be a part of this movement. The houses can be green energy producers through solar panels. As of today, 2 million Australian homes are solar enabled!

Sustainable green solutions are the key to fight and overcome global warming and climate change. With more and more homes going solar; we can truly combat these alarming situations and conserve our home planet.

Let’s adopt and spread renewable energy usage by going solar and claiming our green footprint in contrast to the carbon footprint.

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