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Solar is practical for houses and even businesses. Despite all its exceptional benefits, choosing the right solar system installation type is also equally significant.

So what are the options you have? You can go for a ground mount solar racking system or rooftop solar. While both the mounting types have different requisites and are unique in their own fashion, we’d like to present a detailed guide to you, covering all vital aspects of both these models so that you can make the right decision.

Ground-mount solar installation

As the name suggests, a ground-mounted solar panel system is installed on the ground, in open space. Panels are typically placed from a few inches to several feet above the ground, depending on your yard and the mounting system.

It comes with three types of racking systems, namely – Fixed tilt, single-axis tracker and dual-axis tracker.

In fixed-tilt systems, the modules have a ‘fixed’ tilt position and orientation. Single-axis trackers come with one movement axis, typically east to west. In this setup, panels arc from east to west, following the direction of the sun.

Dual-axis tracker, as its name, has two axes of movement, north-south and east-west. This ability allows the panels to have a wide range of positions. As the sun has high and low orientation in the sky in different seasons, this set up can harbour an optimum amount of solar power through its unique structure.

What are the key + points?

Ground-mounted solar panels surely have some promising advantages. Let’s understand them.

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Rooftop Solar systems

The most common and very popular type of solar set up is a rooftop solar system. They are fast and easy to install. This set up sits comfortably on the roof of the house.

Rooftop solar panels for home works best for the majority of renewable energy requirements. Rooftop mounting feature three types of installations:

On-Grid systems: are the systems which are connected to the main grid supply. This set up uses power from the grid when the solar system is unable to supply electricity.

Off-Grid Systems: Are the systems which work independently of the main grid. These systems are connected to the solar batteries to store access power.

Hybrid system: Are the systems in which both on-grid and off-grid systems work in tandem fashion. The main advantage here is that, when the battery is fully charged, the excess power gets fed to the grid, which ensures additional revenues.

What works for you in this type?

Rooftop solar systems have very substantial benefits. Take a look at them below:

  1. A rooftop solar panel system is comparatively less expensive as it needs less equipment(parts & pieces) and utilizes the roof
  2. This set up does not ask for huge labor costs either.
  3. Since this type of solar setup is done on the roof, you do not lose any usable space at your home.
  4. Solar rooftop acts as a shield for your roof. It saves the roof from snow, heat and various other kinds of damages.
Are there any shortcomings?

There are several restrictions rather than disadvantages to rooftop solar installation, which are listed below:

  1. If the roof is too low steeling, then it becomes difficult to access the system for troubleshooting and maintenance
  2. According to the roof structure, house direction and surroundings (unique surrounding conditions like too shadowy area) the panels have to be installed.
  3. Smaller roof size may lead to opting for a smaller sized solar system.
  4. The good conditioned roof is a primary requirement when it comes to installing the panels. Panels should not outlive the roof very soon. Hence, a sturdy roof is mandatory.
Final thoughts

Rooftop solar is widely preferred because it’s easy to install, asks for unusual space and involves fewer costs. When most people seem to be selecting rooftop solar panel systems, it depends on an individual’s needs, budgets, energy requirements , expectations and their unique conditions like property, surroundings and roof condition.

If you think that rooftop solar is right for you, then hold on for a while. Vista Electrical Controls is known for providing their customers with the right suggestions and recommendations that are truly in their favour.

Take Away

While summing this article up, one thing that you must understand is that both of these solar system installation types are equally right, practical, beneficial and yielding because they both represent unique requirements, unique choices and unique circumstances.

Why ground mount solar system seems perfect because it gives you the power of having that accurate panel alignment. It’s one’s choice to utilize garden space or not.

Why Rooftop solar system seems right because it’s comparatively cost-effective and utilizes roof space.

Both of these systems are going to produce clean energy for your home, going to save money for you. So, leave it up to us to come up with the right residential solar system for your house.

If your lifestyle, requirements, preferences and property conditions blend perfectly with a ground mount system or rooftop solar system, then Vista Electrical Controls will help you make the right decision.

For further details, please get in touch with us.

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