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Solar systems have become popular in the past several years. They are affordable, easy to maintain, quick to get started, and of course, highly advantageous. Solar works fine when the system is rightly installed. However, what if it isn’t? Are there any possible or common solar panel installation problems?

The answer would be yes. Your solar system can face problems with many factors.

In this article, we are going to throw light on common installation problems one could face and their solutions.

Faulty installation

One of the most typical but potentially biggest problems is inappropriate or inaccurate solar panel fixing. If the panels are poorly installed, then one can face issues like

  1. Faulty alignment of solar panels
  2. Damaged roof while installation process
  3. Roof water flow disruptions
  4. Not meeting the power statistics expectations.

In order to solve/avoid such hassles, it’s advisable to opt for a qualified, professional solar panel installer in Perth. Find time to study your solar installer’s portfolio, the different installations they have done. Make sure they acquire the knowledge of best installation practices so that you can have a safe, reliable solar experience.

Vista electrical Control is a clean energy council accredited solar installer in Perth. VEC carries out a variety of panel installations in a range of different types of houses and hence, possess extensive experience in installations.

Roof issues:

There are two types to this particular solar installation possible problem. Sustaining roof problems before the installation and roof damage occurred after the installation.

Scenario #1: If the roof inspection is improperly done or critical roof condition is avoided, then there’s a fair chance that your solar system mounted on the rooftop would start encountering issues. A solar system on a faulty roof can worsen the situation even further.

Scenario #2: If the roof is in the finest condition, then solar system installation should not compromise the integrity of the roof. In some cases installation could deteriorate the roof severely or mildly, that’s why it’s of utter importance that the solar installers first, inspect your roof correctly and then carry out the installation in the right manner so that the roof won’t sustain any kinds of losses.

Vista Electrical Controls begin their operations by inspecting the property first to draw conclusions and plan the installation accordingly. VEC is also known for providing genuine recommendations and insights to its clients to ensure that the solar installation goes smoothly without any unforeseen troubles.

Bird nesting:

Another one in the list of solar panel installation problems is nesting. Generally, birds, bees, and even squirrels build their nests underneath the panels. If you overlook this factor, chances are bees could even build a honeycomb and could cause a mess & panic around.

To prevent yourself from getting in such a situation, make sure you check on the panels periodically. You can even install a bird net around the panels to cover up the space between the roof and panels. If this solution does not work for you, then you can heed the following suggestions:

  1. Ragdoll for scaring off birds and squirrels
  2. Keeping the roof clean and checking the underneath space for any bird activity
  3. Running solar panel maintenance every few days.

Vista Electrical Controls can even assist their customers in dealing with such happenings and could provide workable solutions. You can reach out to VEC anytime and we would help you resolve any query might have.

Wiring problems

Wiring issues are the third most frequently occurring solar installation-related problems. The common reasons could include rat cutting the wires, storms or heavy rain causing loose connection or wire breakage and in worse scenarios, short circuit.

For preventing wiring problems from happening, consider the below-listed procedures.

  1. Inspect power log for finding out power drop
  2. Check on the wiring system after a heavy rain shower
  3. Daily manual inspection to check disconnected wires from the panels
  4. Running checks for locating rat activity (wire cutting and more)

VEC can advise you on the wiring matters and give you the right advice. For installation, VEC opts for good quality materials however, if the problem arises, VEC can assist you.

Inverter Problems

Inverters do the main job of converting DC electricity into usable power i.e. AC electricity. Though solar panel companies assure decades of warrantee, inverters are not relatively that durable. Some factors resulting in inverter damage are:

  1. Voltage fluctuation
  2. Short circuit or internal destruction
  3. Corrosion in the inverter

It’s advisable to keep a check on the inverter, now and then. You can even call upon your solar installer to inspect it and fix it if there seems any problem.

VEC can perform periodic examinations if the customers need it. VEC visits the site, analyses the performance deteriorating factors, and resolves them readily. 


Solar panels are a great way to save money, go green, and consume clean energy. However, if not installed properly, they can turn out to be a headache. Thus, select a qualified solar installer like Vista Electrical Controls and say yes to unmissable solar power deals they have to offer. With professional installation, we have a dedicated customer support system as well as local personnel to help you.  For further information, please get in touch with us.

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