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What is the most environment-friendly way to promote nature is to install solar panels.

Worldwide Australia has a higher acceptance of solar energy. According to a study greater than 2.68 million solar rooftop systems had been deployed in Australia.

But despite that going solar isn’t as simple as purchasing clothes. Foremost, you’ve to research, evaluate and after that, you finalize the solar panel. Hence, once you decide to install a solar energy system, the most common question that comes in the mind is how long is the wait between booking a solar panel and installing a solar PV system?

It’s not that you’ve booked solar panels and the next minute you’ll get them installed on your roof. There is a long period between buying a solar PV panel and its installation. The time taken could be between weeks to a few months.

Consequently, it could be frustrating to wait for that much time for your solar system installation. Even though it’s a famous saying – “Good things take time!” so your wait is always worthwhile!

You need to go through several steps once you decide to do investment in a solar energy system. Each step will require its own time, based on the circumstances you might face at every step. Hence, the time of solar system installation could differ from panel to panel.

Continue reading to understand the different processes involved in solar installation and how much time is required for each step:

  1. Searching for a solar installer:

The first most important step involved in solar panel installation is selecting an experienced and professional solar installer, without rushing in. Because if you select an amateur or inexperienced solar installer, then you’ll be disappointed later and regret your decision. Additionally, it’ll increase the time of your solar installation.

  1. Request a general site visit ( 1 or 2 weeks):

When you zero in your solar energy options, you might request a general site visit. A solar rep will come and calculate your property requirements and using Google Maps, they’ll find out the directions of your roof and shadows on your property in order to coordinate properly and to decide where to place your panels.

This entire process can take between 1 to 2 weeks. Despite that during this stage, the solar company and the customer agree upon the price and start the work.

  1. Getting permits (1 week to 1 month):

Before solar panel installation, your solar retailer would require to file a request for getting a permit with your local government. The permit could differ based on your location and the type of solar panel that you want to install.

  1. Order for your solar equipment ( 1 day to few weeks):

Provided that your permits are approved, your solar retailer will give the green signal to order your solar equipment. Your solar company might already have stocked this equipment, but if not, your project manager would need to coordinate with the solar company’s shipping department so as to order the equipment.

In case, if your PV panels and other solar equipment are coming from overseas, you should wait for a few weeks. This could further delay your process of installation.

  1. Type and size of the solar power system:

Once the permit is sanctioned, the solar installation is scheduled and the actual solar installation process is the quickest part. The majority of the solar installers could install rooftop solar panels within 1 to 3 days. But having said that, it mainly depends upon the number of solar panels you’re installing.

The process of installing a ground-mounted solar panel system might require more time since this process requires extra work. Furthermore, if the location of your solar energy system is far away from your utility meter, it could take more time.

  1. Characteristics of property and required upgrades:

As you very well know that every household is unique at the same time its energy requirements are also unique. Similar is the case when it comes down to roofing and power systems. Further, your property might require upgrades like roof topping, or upgrading your electrical panel, or estimating whether your roof is capable of handling the weight of your panels, etc. before the solar panel installation. And regrettably, any upgrade required means further delay in the solar installation process.

  1. Utility grid interconnections:

At this time the customer gets anxious. 2 things could happen during this stage: 1. your solar company submits the required documents to your local utility company to connect to the grid. This process could normally take 1 to 2 weeks.

After this, the utility has to set up a bi-directional meter in order to track how much electricity you’re generating. It could usually take between 2 to 4 weeks and the complete dealing with your local utility grid could take between 3 to 6 weeks. Hence, it’s crucial to handle this time with patience.

The best approach to decrease the booking and solar installation time are to deal with a professional and reputable solar installer, so that, your panels can get installed as early as possible.


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