Solar Energy TipsThinking of Installing Solar Panels on Your Home?

Thinking of Installing Solar Panels on Your Home? Here are the Top Tips!

“Sustainable Energy” 

is what you’re looking for? Then installing solar panels on your home is the first step!


However, just outfitting your home with a solar panel is not the only thing; you need to find out how your solar panels can produce as much energy as possible. Vista Electrical Controls Team is here to give you some top tips which you must know about solar panel installations on your home…


1. Examine the direction of your roof:

Perth indeed has more sunny days all through the year as compared to other cities in Australia, which makes having a home in Perth a perfect choice for residential solar system installations. Having said that, it’s also important to have a roof facing the sun because if your home roof isn’t facing or angled towards the sun, then your rooftop solar panels won’t be able to absorb a sufficient amount of sunlight to generate enough amount of solar energy needed to power your home.


So the homes with roofs facing south or west are considered to be the best candidate for solar power systems. Despite that provided the pitch of your roof, solar panels can produce an adequate amount of solar energy if installed on north-facing or east-facing roofs.


2. The good conditioned roof is a must:

Other important points to consider are the shape, age, and material of your home roof because if your home roof needs some fixing or repairs then you better take care of these fixings well before installing the solar panels. Also if you’re thinking of installing solar panels now and doing repairs later, then you’ll need to remove existing solar panels, make repairs and again reinstall them.

We recommend hiring a solar technician who can determine whether your home roof is fundamentally sound or not to support the solar panel weight or whether it’ll need any added support.

3. Consider the shape and material of the roof:

It’s always important to give appropriate attention to the shape of your home roof because it’ll decide how much sunlight would be absorbed at the same time how much solar energy you’ll be able to produce.

A standard shape of a roof like a gable roof is suitable for installing a solar panel because it makes it simple to install a solar panel. Regardless of that, other types of rooftops will also work well for solar panel installations in Australia.

When our solar panel installers visit your site, they take into account various factors like the shape of the roof, shading, degree of pitch and also determine, altogether how much sunlight would be absorbed by your roof.

  1. When you consider roof material – it could be made of metal – standing seam metal/ tin/ corrugated. Metal roof material is easy to install solar system since it doesn’t need roof penetration.
  2. With a tile roof, the material could be concrete tile – easy to install. But, for roof material with clay tile is not easy because of its tendency for tile breakage. You’ll get many choices for selecting solar panels. There is a great thing about installing solar panels on your home roof as you’re not limited only to the traditional rooftop solar panel installation when your home roof isn’t facing south or west. Also, you can opt for ground-mounted solar panels.
  3. ground-mounted solar panels- These solar panels are specifically angled to absorb complete sunlight on your property. You can also opt for a solar carport to produce solar power by adding up unnecessary/ excessive land. This way you’ll produce more electricity than the electricity produced through your shaded roof. And you’ll also save more money in the long term.

Want to learn more about residential solar panel installation? Or Have more questions about residential solar panel installation? Take a look at our Solar FAQ 2021.

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