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Growatt Solar Inverters Perth, WA: Ultimate Buyers Guide

For the last 10 years, Growatt solar inverter has risen to fame especially in Perth, WA. Growatt solar inverter Perth is affordable, reliable, and very popular in WA, mostly in the housing sector.

Vista EC is supporting this inverter technology with excellent after-sales services in Perth, resulting in the most satisfied customers who purchase from here!

The two most important terms when planning your PV system are – solar modules & inverter. Most of you know what the solar module is, but many are still confused about – what is an inverter? A solar system is a source of renewable energy and to generate electricity from the Sun, PV panels are required. But this power can’t be used in your home straight away, because it’s a DC (Direct Current) and the majority of the home appliances use AC (Alternating Current). Therefore, it’s necessary to convert this DC power into AC power, just then your appliances will be able to use that energy.

An inverter is responsible for converting the DC into AC for household usage. Therefore, an inverter is also known as the heart and the brain of the solar power system.

Benefits of Solar Inverter:

  1. Optimizes solar system output
  2. Guarantees that all the operations are safe
  3. Increases self-consumption
  4. Provides backup power supply.


Keep in mind-


Avoid purchasing older models, because they’re not likely to provide the same advanced, benefits as modern inverters. Vista EC provides more reliable solar inverter solutions for everyone who wants value for money and cost-efficient solar inverter. A solar inverter is really an important part of a PV system therefore, it’s recommended to purchase more advanced inverters like Growatt.

Vista EC inverters come with extraordinary specifications and a very dependable product providing advanced technologies. We’re offering the following Growatt inverter options which are difficult to ignore:

Single-phase and Three-phase:

Model Size (kW) Status
Growatt- Single Phase 3,5 Available
Growatt-Three Phase  3,5 Available

The above models indicate that Vista EC is directing its energy towards the best PV inverter technologies.
Inverter warranty:

When you purchase a Growatt inverter from an authorized solar installer in Perth like vista EC you get 5 years warranty.

About Growatt:

Growatt inverters production plants are located in China, and its offices in Europe are – Germany, UK, and in the US; just recently, Growatt has also started its new branch in Melbourne, Australia along with the one already functional in Sydney.

Inverter cost:

The pricing of Growatt solar inverters within the Perth region, WA is reasonable for standard installation for single-story, single-phase, and single-roof homes. All the installations outside of these guidelines will always need to pay an extra installation expense.


How to decide which model is ideal for you?

Growatt inverter range is simplified, and you’ll get an inverter model which will fulfill all of your energy needs. 

Solar Panel Sizes Available are:

  • 3.96kW solar system Perth
  • 6.6kW solar system Perth

Growatt inverters are budget-friendly and the most advanced inverter options available at Vista EC. It’s recommended that you pair them with the best solar panels which are highly efficient adding extraordinary value.


Vista Electrical Controls most popular Growatt inverter Perth WA deals are as follows: 

With features like:

  • 3.96kW, 6.6kW system options.
  • World-Class Growatt Wi-Fi inverter
  • Fast installation
  • 12 Years warranty
  • 25 Years Linear Power Warranty
  • 0.55% Annual degradation over 25 Years
  • Best After Sales Support


Get your ideal solar system….


You’ll get the perfect Growatt inverter integrated with the best solar power system with complete annual energy production insights. You can select solar product combination as per your budget or technology:



Want more?


You can compare the Growatt solar inverter options against other product range for price, warranty, design, and more. Get in touch with our solar experts through the above link and you’ll be guaranteed to get the best out of your specific installation needs. It’s that simple.


Many top manufacturers release advanced models and intelligent monitoring best grid-connected solar inverters in spite of this most of the solar panel installations need a solar inverter. Even the well-known Tesla Powerwall needs an additional inverter even though it comes with an inbuilt inverter so as to work with solar modules.

Solar inverter – Functions, and problems:

As said earlier, a solar inverter is the most important part of any solar power system and unlikely it’s a part that possibly has more issues because it’s not surprising that solar inverters are mostly located outdoors in the rough weather together with rain, extreme heat, humidity, etc. Due to this reason, it’s necessary to choose good quality inverter and install it in a covered location.

If the inverter is installed outdoors, it might experience a fault in the due course of the inverter’s lifetime. You can increase the lifespan of your inverter by mounting it inside a garage or under a carport or away from direct sunlight.


Other inverter options available at Vista EC are:


Fronius, AlphaESS, Goodwe, SolarEdge, Sungrow, Solis, and Huawei. 


Warranty and Service:


Fronius ranked top in the list of best solar inverters because of low failure rates and great service, also their replacement units are shipped within 3 to 5 business days. They come with a 10-years warranty. On the other hand, SolarEdge offers a 12-year manufacturer warranty. Most of the famous brands also offer a 10-year warranty but they’ll repair your faulty device only when the ownerships the unit to them at his own cost and returned it to the owner. Also, it can take weeks or sometimes months. Thus the owner has to face great financial impact since the system is down.


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