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You must’ve heard of the benefits of solar panel installation and indeed if you haven’t yet installed a solar system is surely due to only one reason that’s- the cost of solar panel installation in Perth.

Over the last few years, the cost of solar panels in Perth has fallen tremendously and for an average Australian home it still remains a big investment. So, the Vista EC team is here to break down the cost of solar panel installation in Perth in 2021, so that you can get a rough idea of exactly how much does your solar power system holds you back? In search of a clear answer? Take a look…..

The answer to this question is affected by several factors like- where you live, what size of the solar system you’ve selected, your roof space or property, and your objective behind installing a solar power system. Typically the cost of solar panel installation is expected to be anywhere between $3,000 to $12,000.

It’s true that the cost of solar panel installation varies exceptionally. Read this blog so as to make a well-informed decision when you plan to install a solar system.

Factors that affect the cost of Solar Panel Installation:

  1. Where do you live?
  2. What size of the solar system you’ve selected
  3. Will You Be installing a Grid-connected solar system or an off-grid solar system?
  4. Solar rebates
  5. The direction of your property
  6. Solar installers


1. Where do you live?

 Your location is the most important factor in determining the cost of solar panel installation. Every Australian state comes with distinct costs because each state and territory provides distinct solar rebates for every KW of energy generated.

2. What size of the solar system you’ve selected:

Another factor that affects the cost of solar panels in Australian states is the no. of solar panels, as this number will differ according to your energy requirement and also the amount of sunlight received differs in different states of Australia. For example, Australians living in Perth will produce more electricity from their photovoltaic panels as compared to say households in Sydney.

3. Will You Be installing a Grid-connected Solar System or an Off-Grid Solar System?

Whether you’re planning to install a grid-connected solar system or an off-grid solar system, will also affect the cost of your solar panel installation. Most of the residential and commercial properties in Australia have adopted grid-connected solar systems i.e. your house is yet connected to your electricity grid so that you can utilize the electricity whenever your PV panels aren’t producing an ample amount of electricity for example – at night. Installing a gird-connected solar system is the most affordable option when determining the cost of solar panel installation.

A grid-connected solar system comes with both PV panels and solar inverter and they’re coupled with your main utility grid. Usually, the photovoltaic panels produce energy in the daytime and your house will run on that solar energy and can use the energy from your utility grid whenever necessary.

On the other hand, an off-grid solar system is not coupled with your main utility grid and you’ll be completely independent of your utility grid. Your entire household will be energized by your PV panels. These types of solar systems are dependent upon solar batteries in order to store the excess energy generated from your panels, useful for later use for eg. at night or when the sunsets. This type of solar power system is the most expensive to set up and also needs to carefully plan the complete installation process. Off-grid solar systems are generally useful in remote areas of Australia where the main utility connection is not available.

4. Solar Rebates:

 It’s important to consider the solar rebates when determining the cost of solar panel installation across Australia. For beginners, the Australian government has announced a federal scheme to encourage energy generation from solar energy sources.

Australian government offers 3 important solar rebates so as to incentivize and motivate Australians to – “Go Green”!

These rebates are – Federal rebates, state government rebates, and feed-in tariffs. These rebates will differ with respect to where you live and also affect the cost of solar panel installation.

Solar experts at Vista EC recommend doing proper research about solar rebates, subsidies, and incentivized offers.

What exactly are the Solar Rebates?

   1. Australian Federal Rebates:

The federal government of Australia refunds whoever installing a photovoltaic system including schemes for both- small-scale and large-scale properties aims to encourage more Australians to adopt solar energy and be a part of the federal rebates program and yield the benefits of rebates up to 2030.

   2. Australian State Government Rebates:

These rebates are offered by every Australian state government to encourage the majority of the residential and commercial property owners to install solar panels and they’re subsidizing solar installation projects in Queensland and Victoria, both. Also supporting the costs for solar battery installations in Queensland, SA, ACT, and Victoria.

   3. Feed-in Tariffs:

Feed-in tariffs are operated by your electricity providers and through this system, your electricity provider will reimburse residential and commercial property owners for feeding back the extra energy into the utility grid. Instead of wasting the extra energy produced by your solar panels, you can feed it back into your power grid and your electrical energy provider will pay you a specific amount per kWh of extra energy.

The feed-in tariffs differ according to the states, electricity provider in your area, and your electricity plan. Therefore, when determining the cost of solar panel installations research your feed-in tariff options available for your selection. Always collaborate with CEC accredited solar installers perth like Vista Electrical controls so that you’ll be suitable for solar rebates.

5. The Direction of your Property:

 The direction of your residential property or commercial property can affect your cost of solar panel installation and your roof’s angle and orientation plays an important role in the performance of your potential solar panel. Your solar panels should be installed at an ideal angle and if the orientation of your roof is north facing then it’s best for installing the solar PV systems. The east/west-facing properties are somewhat less energy-efficient.

One more thing to consider is –shading on your property. I.e. if your household is amid trees or other properties, then it’ll hinder plenty of sunlight, this may result in a reduction in overall energy production. Your solar panel installers should propose other ways for installing solar power systems if your household is shaded.

6. Solar Installers:

 When determining how much your solar installation will cost, consider choosing experienced solar installers because it’ll have a great impact on your overall installation cost; they’ll also provide you with an affordable solar energy package and expertise. The cost of installing a rooftop solar system will eventually boil down depending upon who you choose for installing your solar system. Avoid working with low-quality solar installers.

Vista EC is CEC accredited solar installer in perth who helps clients by providing premium quality solar panels and high-quality installations. A CEC accredited solar company means their work is approved by the Clean Energy Council, and they’re committed to reliable sales and after-sales services, also offer 5 yrs. PV system warranty, and make sure that your photovoltaic system is both – designed and installed by a CEC accredited technician.

Vista Electrical Controls is one of the only Australian solar companies that have been working in the solar installation sector for more than 10yrs and ours is a completely Australian-owned and managed solar company. We provide completely customized designs for PV panel installation in Perth, QLD, WA, and NSW Australia.


7. Vista EC Solar Deals:

As mentioned earlier, when you wish to stay on top of how much will be the cost of solar panel installation, always do detailed research and invest in affordable solar panel deals. Solar deals are comprised of everything that you need for your solar PV system installation – from PV panels to solar inverters and solar batteries if needed including complete solar installation and product and performance warranty.

Vista EC is Australia’s #1 solar company. We specialize in residential and commercial solar installations along with solar batteries in Perth, QLD, WA, and NSW. We’re Australia’s one of the longest-running solar companies.

Get in touch with our team of expert solar installers at Vista EC, to know more about how much is the installation cost of a solar system. Our team is always here to resolve all your issues or you can call us today @ 1300 181 116.

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