Renewable EnergySolar panel warranties: things you should know

Solar panel warranty acts as a shield for your solar investment and serves as a significant aspect of any solar installation. Before heading for this power change, homeowners need to understand the difference between solar panel performance, products and service warranty.

Different types of residential solar systems offer varying solar panel warranties. Learning about them will help you plan better and seal a power-packed solar panel system deal for your house.

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Types of solar warranties:

Solar panel warranty provides the quality insurance and range of support services to the customers when they face problems. Solar panels typically offer two types of warranty: The product warranty and the performance warranty.

Product Warranty:

Solar panels’ workmanship like the materials and its quality guarantee influence the product warranty. Product warranty is quite the most significant warranty of the solar panel, why because it’s straightforward. It allows customers to figure out specific defects or damages on their solar panels and to inspect whether they are working in the right manner or not. Under Australian Consumer Law, the product warranty is drawn from the solar retailer. For instance, if your retailer goes out of business, you will have to claim the product warranty directly through the manufacture.  That could be time-consuming as well as hectic if the manufacturer doesn’t have an Australian presence.

Unlike performance warranty, product warranties cover short time frames. You should lookout for a minimum of 10 years of industry-standard product warranty. However, the longer the warranty span, the better. Furthermore, check whether your solar panel manufacturer has a presence in Australia. Not necessary that you’ll have to contact them directly in the situation of crisis but having them around will be beneficial.

Performance warranty:

It may happen over time that you observe a drop in energy production by the panels, unlike when they were first installed. You may encounter varying output levels, leading you to think that panel performance has been degraded. Here’s where the performance warranty help.

The performance warranty, also known as power warranty of solar panels grants consumers with assurance that their solar panels will perform up to a certain level for a specific period. Usually, a performance warranty states that the solar panels will generate about 80-90% of their power capacity for several years. Generally, a performance warranty is 25 years as per the industry-standard.

Performance warranties also share crucial information with customers regarding manufacturer’s support and other measures if consumers happen to encounter sorts of issues with their solar PV system.

Why solar panel warranties are important?

Because they are a protective cover against any technical or performance flaw you may ever face. A superior quality solar panel will surely reduce the occurrence of issues. However, it’s surreal to think that defect could never arise. Solar panel warranties are designed just for that. If you encounter a problem, it will get fixed with the cover of soar panel warranties. PV panel performance & product warranties ensure that the manufacturers will provide you with the right support and assistance in case of faulty product or underperformance.


When the designing and assembling of the solar system is finalized, do indulge in warranty conversations with your installers. Ask them about the timeframes of both the warranties. Demand for transparent knowledge on what is covered in policies and what’s not.

Vista Electrical Controls is a qualified solar installer in Perth having served hundreds of customers and possessing years of solar panel installation experience under their belt. Vista EC actively involves its customers in the process of PV system installation so that they have full knowledge of technical and non-technical crucial aspects of the process. You receive warranty details of the solar system. Vista EC provides full support in the process of claiming the warranties when the need arises.

Before, during and after the solar panel installation, Vista EC stands with you. For any further information on warranties or residential solar systems, please contact Vista Electrical Controls.

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